Hiring an HVAC Contractor, Martinez, Georgia

Sig Cox Augusta Air, dating back to 1926, proudly services the greater regions of Georgia and South Carolina. At the most affordable rates, we offer the full package of heating/cooling and general HVAC upkeep, including:

  • HVAC Repair – Do you feel your AC is outputting low levels of airflow? Small leaks and cracks may cause air to escape and thus waste electricity. Holes in the ductwork can also invite vermin and rodents! Don’t wait to call! It may be dangerous to attempt patchwork yourself in hard to reach places, like the attic or roof. Our technicians are standing by to provide professional patch work and other needs.
  • Air Condition Replacement and New Installation – Every model natural ages and deteriorates. After 10 years, it’s recommended you seek a replacement unit. Updated hardware systems will save a lot of trouble and money in the long term. Installing a new system may seem an intimidating process, so why not just trust our handy technicians for all the heavy lifting and wiring?
  • HVAC Cleaning – Natural dust and particle buildup will lower the overall effectiveness of your HVAC system. Not to mention, clogged ducts and vents will irritate allergies and asthma conditions. The motor will need to work harder to compensate for dirt covering the ductwork, meaning you’ll, again, waste electricity. Filters can only do so much to block contaminants, and every two years, at least, you’ll need professional deep cleaning. Six Cox’s HVAC cleaning services are unmatched at removing dust, pollen, vermin, and other harmful hazards.
  • Heating and Cooling Upkeep – If your heater broke in a middle of winter, that would seem a nightmare! If you don’t take the proper steps to maintain your system’s coiling unit, you may have defective heating and cooling capacity. Ice and dust buildup are likely culprits, but you needn’t worry with the professional help of Sig Cox! We have the right tools to safely restore and maintain HVAC system.
  • Rooftop Unit Services – Several company buildings today have HVAC ductwork, venting, and motor units located on rooftops. We don’t recommend working on roofs yourself because of the inherent dangers. Though if you need roof maintenance, here at Sig Cox, we train our technicians to follow detailed safety procedures to meet the diverse building needs of all Martinez residents.
  • Emergency Commercial Services – A broken AC is more than just a discomfort for your company; business suffers! If you want productivity back and customers flowing, you need to HVAC services ASAP. We value your time and will urgently prioritize your company’s AC hardware. No competitor measures up to our timely and highly responsive service!

Over 90 years of success proves we are unquestionably the leader in the HVAC industry. Only with Sig Cox can you actually experience full, quality clean air through the comprehensive packaging of HVAC services. Your comfort forms our top concern! Georgia’s sizzling summer heat can seem unbearable, but at least your home can always feel cool and fresh! In every season, you deserve to rest easy with breathable crisp air – that’s our goal! Why settle for anything less than what you need? Sig Cox is here to help!

Why Choose Sig Cox for Martinez, Georgia?

The Most Trusted Name in HVAC Services

Martinez natives know Sig Cox as the most powerful trusted name in quality air services. In reality, unqualified no-names and scam artist have tainted the credibility of the HVAC field as a whole. Thankfully, Sig Cox sets the standard high for honest and upfront performance for all repairs, cleanings, and installations. Our track record of success sets us apart from the amateurs of the industry. We guarantee none of our jobs will come with surprise expenses, hidden fees, or strings attached. We never work with gimmicks and tricks to take advantage of you! We are certified, bonded, and insured by the most renowned and trustworthy non-profit certification board, the North American Technicians Excellence (NATE). Additionally, Lennox has given us access to some of the newest and best tools as a reward for participating in independent reviews with their Premier status. We continue to have positive growth and success by daily applying community feedback. Call or email to send your questions or concerns today! We strive concern as soon as possible.

Masters in the HVAC Industry

On top of everything else, our technicians boost expert knowledge of all aspects of HVAC fieldwork, making them masters in the industry. We discipline all our staff in the application of proven trends in the craft of hardware maintenance. From extensive coaching and coursework material, every Sig Cox technician commands respect in the field because of their mastery of HVAC technology. Unlike the competition, our technicians have an all around excellent skill set to solve any challenge. Trust us to send the right professional your way! The process begins with them carefully examining the hardware, outlining a precise plan of action, and continuing as you direct. Even with decades of success, we don’t let our founding principle escape us – you matter most of all! When we finish the job, we evaluate it based on your comfort and ease of mind. Before anything, we research the best ways maximizing your comfort! We’ll pursue any route that saves you the most money, is energy efficient, and allows you breathe relaxing air.

The hours of research involved in do-it-yourself maintenance will drain your wallet and rob you of sleep. Any average person will face frustration and headaches over sophisticated lingo and science. Relax and leave it to us! Sig Cox has you covered for all your needs! You can enjoy clean, fresh ventilation today just by giving us a quick call! By examining your unit and building space, we will formulate the best plan for ductwork layout and cleaning solutions. Why bother with a no-name or dubious company? There’s no need to pour over the internet in the wee hours of the night researching a solution. Sig Cox will handle all your HVAC needs at the most affordable rates anywhere!

Professional and Courteous HVAC Services

Our technicians always genuinely show compassion for your time, property, and family. For instance, they will demonstrate professionalism by working on time, giving you easy to comprehend reports, and eagerly continuing work until completed. Technicians from us never arrive unannounced or ill mannered. They’ll only proceed work as you direct and never begin additional services without your written consent. We never rely on guesswork to take advantage of you, but base cost estimates around tangible values to give you the most accurate analyze. Despite scams flooding this market, Sig Cox can assure you confidence in your HVAC needs today!

We’ve filled our website with free public information on critical HVAC topics, like the benefits of duct cleaning and ways to save money. We don’t keep trade secrets from our customers. The essence of our company lies in keeping you happy! When you’re happy, we’re happy! And, we know that quality fresh air will give you the soothing relief you need! We love our business, but, in the end, we value Martinez residents as people. Damaged AC units will cause unneeded headaches and discomfort. Relax, Sig Cox promises you of the quality air control you deserve.

For more information on HVAC services in Martinez, Georgia doesn’t hesitate to give us a call or submit a service request. We’d be honored to earn your business.

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