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Aiken Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Sig Cox, based in Augusta, has provided trusted air conditioning and heating services since 1926 for the greater Georgia and South Carolina areas. We offer the most professional and prompt HVAC services around, including:

Air Conditioner Repair in Aiken, SC

– If your system isn’t putting out the same energy output to cool or heat your home, the ducts may have leaks or other issues that our technicians can easily fix.

Aiken Air Conditioner Replacement and New Installation

– If your air condition unit is 10 years old or more and encountering issues, it may need replacement. Our technicians can evaluate the unit and give a final judgment, then handle all the heavy lifting involved in replacing and installing a new unit.

HVAC Cleaning in Aiken, SC

– All ducts system collects dust and other pollutants that filters cannot block. This dust buildup can lower the efficiency of your HVAC unit and irritate allergies. Our specialist can inspect and provide deep cleaning of the inside of your ductwork to clear out dust, pollen, vermin, and other pollutants.

Heating and Cooling Upkeep

– An HVAC unit can fail to properly heat or cool if weather or dust buildup damages the coiling system, which condenses warm air. You can usually just wipe clean this machinery, but we offer ease of mind by providing technicians to safely and effectively maintain your coiling systems.

Rooftop Unit Services

– Does your company office have a rooftop HVAC unit? That’s not a problem for our technicians! We’ve rigorously trained on servicing any unit model, including on hard to reach rooftops. Don’t risk repairs yourself without the trusted support of Sig Cox!

Emergency Commercial HVAC Services

– If your company building’s HVAC unit fails, we can be out there ASAP to get it back and running! We offer around the clock services and consulting on your air conditioner needs!

With over 90 years of experience, we offer the complete package of HVAC services at an affordable price tag to meet your needs. We make our mission to ensure your comfort. Whether enduring South Carolina’s blistering summer heat or the chilling winters, we want you to have the peace of mind you deserve. You’re entitled to a breathable house and workplace. Let us help you achieve the soothing relaxation you need today!

Why Choose Sig Cox for Heating & Cooling in Aiken, South Carolina?

The Most Trusted Name in HVAC Services

All our customers, from Aiken and elsewhere, can rely on Sig Cox for honesty in quality air services. The market of HVAC services is filled with cheap gimmick companies and riddled with scam artists. Sig Cox, on the other hand, is a powerful name in HVAC services and our reputation precedes us. We have a proven track record of success and honestly. We will never hit you with surprise charges and offer complete transparency in our work. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured by the North American Technicians Excellence, the largest non-profit certification board in the nation. We’ve also partnered with Dave Lennox Premier Dealers. The independent, specialty trained technicians of Lennox have awarded us the Premier status because we submit to an honest customer review program. Using community feedback, we are constantly improving our services! If you’re not completely satisfied, don’t hesitate to give us a call immediately. We’ll do whatever it takes to rectify the situation and assure you the best in service.

Masters in the HVAC Industry

Not only are we the most trusted name in the HVAC field, we also have the most knowledgeable technicians around! All our staff undergoes rigorous training and coursework to become masters in the industry. With a simple phone call, our technicians will be at your door within the week to give an honest assessment and evaluation of your HVAC equipment and other needs. We offer the best all around comprehensive services for the most affordable price, but we primarily have your wellbeing in mind! If you unnecessarily pay more electrical expenses for a particular model, we’ll be upfront and honest about a more reasonable make and brand. We imagine all our customers as a part of the Sig Cox family!

You might feel overwhelmed comparing different brands for all the HVAC system components. Relax and give yourself a break. Give a quick call and we can screen your building for the most optimal HVAC layout to give you the best efficiency! You don’t have to rely on shady no-name services or scavenge the internet for a solution. Trust Sig Cox Augusta Air for all your HVAC needs today!

Heating and Cooling Aiken, SC

When renting or purchasing a home, there is an overwhelming amount of things about which to think. Whether it’s your mortgage, deposit, negotiations, or a range of other aspects of your home, it’s a lot.

But there’s one thing that never crosses most people’s mind when looking for a home.

The HVAC system.

Often overlooked buy homebuyers and renters, the HVAC system is a surprisingly important aspect of a home. If you think about how often you need to heat or cool your home and how little you know about it, you start to understand why you should learn a little bit before making the final decision on your home.

As an experienced heating and cooling company in Aiken, SC, we feel that we are qualified to help walk you through some of the basics so that you don’t go into your search blind.

Want to Know More About HVAC Systems?

The primary intent of a good heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is to provide people with a comfortable climate inside their home or business in a safe way. In a traditional HVAC system, it is typically made up of four parts: the furnace, the ventilation ductwork, the air conditioning unit, and the thermostat. The thermostat is the element that helps you control the temperature of your home or business.

When talking with a professional in the HVAC business, you want to hear them using the term Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Since a poorly installed HVAC system can cause a lot of problems, you want your professional to be concerned about the air quality to ensure the health of you and other occupants of the building. For reference, the American Society of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning consider a building to be suitable if at least 80% of its occupants don’t experience discomfort.

It’s also important for you to have a good idea of what the different elements of an HVAC system are, what they do, and where they are located.

A majority of people these days use a central HVAC system that heats and cools and their homes. These central units are often called “split” systems. The reason for this is that the entire unit is not all contained in the home. Some components of the system are located inside, while others are located outside.

Inside, you’ll typically find the furnace and evaporator (usually in the basement, attic, or a closet) portion of the air conditioner. Also, you’ll find the blower indoors as well. Attached to the blower are the ducts that carry your cool or warm air throughout your home.

When you look outside of your home, you’ll find the compressor and condenser for your unit. These are mounted inside of a metal cabinet and feature a large fan.

One of the main alternatives to the split-system is what is called a packaged system. In a packaged system, the components of your HVAC system are not split between indoors and outdoors. Instead, all of the components are packaged together into one unit that is found outside of the home. These units are suitable for people who want to use as much space as possible inside of their home.

Once you’ve settled into your home or office and are satisfied with your HVAC system, there are certain things that you can do to ensure that your system continues to run smoothly.

Some of the best tips that we’ve come up with over the years are as follows:

  • In your system, you’ll find what’s called a blower filter. You should keep this filter fresh by changing it twice a year. A good reference is to change once at the beginning of the cooling season and once before the start of the heating season. If you live in an area with a lot of dust or pollution, you should change it even more than this.
  • Cleanliness is important. It’s even more important for the outdoor portion of your unit. For any component outdoors, clean away as much dirt and debris as possible, and trim everything around the unit at least two feet back.
  • If you want to save energy (and money), choose a programmable thermostat. Anytime you aren’t actively using the HVAC, whether it’s because you’re sleeping or away, you can allow the temperature to rise or fall depending on the season. If you allow to rise (summer) or fall (winter) by ten degrees for eight hours, you can cut energy costs by as much as 5%-15%.
  • Although you can handle basic maintenance on your own, you should have your HVAC unit serviced by a licensed professional at least one time per year. They can perform more complex tasks like checking combustion in gas and ensuring there are no leaks in your system.
  • If you’re thinking about installing a new HVAC system, ask your HVAC professional to perform Manual J calculations. These calculations ensure that you have the correct system installed in your home or business. If your system it too large or too small, it leads to several complications.
  • Always install carbon monoxide detectors to ensure you and your family’s safety.
  • If you use electricity to heat and cool your home, consider the geothermal option. While these systems cost a little bit more up front, you save money in the long run. They last longer, run quieter, and use less energy.