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Keep Your Bedroom Cooler With These 7 Simple Tips

A comfortable bedroom is often a cool bedroom. Check out these tips to help ensure you’re able to create that.

1. Use blinds or curtains to block out the sun.

According to Family Handyman, your home’s windows are responsible for nearly a third of the heat that enters your home. You can reduce this effect by using blinds or curtains to block out the sun. In fact, the simple act of closing your curtains can reduce your energy bills by as much as 7% and can drop the temperature inside your home by as much as 20°. This step is particularly useful when used on windows that face to the south or the west.

2. Consider buying blackout curtains.

It’s a good idea to try and block out as much heat as possible; so invest in high-quality blackout curtains. When choosing curtains, look for a pair in a mid-tone color with a white backing. The white will help reflect the light, minimizing heat gain by as much as 33%.
Blackout curtains will also help minimize damage to furniture which occurs over time due to direct sunlight.

Showcasing a comfortable, cool bedroom

3. Use interior doors to your advantage.

If you aren’t using your entire home, there is no need to cool every room. Closing doors to unused rooms will make it easier to keep the part of your house that you are using colder during the day. Once the sun goes begins to go down, and temperatures fall, you can then open up the other parts of your home to allow the heat to escape.

4. Create a fresh breeze with a fan.

Have you ever noticed how the breeze always feels the most refreshing by the ocean? You can mimic that effect by setting up a fan with a bowl of ice in front of it. As air blows over ice, it quickly cools down, providing a refreshing breeze that can help you feel much better on a hot summer day.

5. Choose sheets that will help you stay cool.

Avoid flannel sheets during the hottest months of the year, opting instead for layers that made from natural fabrics such as cotton. This will help you stay much more relaxed when you sleep. Buckwheat pillows are also exceptionally effective at keeping you cool since air surrounds the hulls of the buckwheat. As a result, your body heat won’t get trapped in the pillow, helping to ensure that your head stays nice and cool while you sleep.

The mattress you choose nowadays can also help, and the materials can make a massive difference to this. Read Tempurpedic reviews to get an idea of why this is the case.

6. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan.

During the summer months, your ceiling fan should run in a counterclockwise motion. This will help create plenty of air movement throughout your space, allowing you to feel cooler when it is hot outside.

7. Consider keeping your body cool rather than trying to cool your entire house.

Air-conditioning is a relatively recent invention. For centuries, people managed to survive without it. You can do the same by finding ways to keep your body feeling fresh. Drinking cold beverages or applying a cold washcloth to your neck or your wrists can go a long way toward cooling you down. Also, not to state the obvious, but wear clothing that’s appropriate for the weather. If you tend to feel like your body is overheating at night, keep a pan of cold water next to your bed. Anytime you get too hot, just dip your feet in the water to instantly cool down.


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