honeywell wifi thermostat
Sig Cox is a proud carrier of Honeywell’s WiFi thermostat product line.

See significant energy savings by giving yourself complete control over your HVAC system- even when you aren’t at home.

These smart thermostats put your comfort and your convenience right at your fingertips. With products offering a variety of smartphone and smart home integration features, you’re always comfortable and connected. Whether across the room or across the globe, your home’s energy use and comfort are at your command.

A New Approach to Energy Efficiency

Honeywell’s innovative product line is redefining how homeowners think about their energy expenditure.

With the all-new for 2018 Home Energy Report your energy expenditure is no longer a guessing game. By providing users with a comprehensive monthly report, Honeywell has lifted the curtain between you and maximizing your home’s efficiency.

The report breaks down your monthly energy usage, compares the data with previous months and years, and gives you tips on how to save even more next month by optimizing your settings.

Best of all, it couldn’t be more user-friendly. All your data is emailed to you and clearly presented for you to act on immediately.

Think Smarter

Wifi thermostats are another addition to the wave of smart technology becoming available for homeowners. With Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit Integration, it’s just another tool for your better, smarter, and more efficient home.

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