Heating Repair in Augusta, GA

There is nothing worse than the feeling of cold air coming through the vents on a chilly night. When your heating system goes on the fritz, you want it fixed fast. You want it fixed right. Our technicians understand your concerns and are available 24/7 to get your system back up and running again.

Contact Sig Cox Heating & Air Conditioning at 706-722-5304 for more about our heating repair services “near me” in Augusta, GA. It’s our pleasure to answer your questions and help you decide the best repair option for your heating system.

Boiler Repair in Augusta, GA

Boilers can leak or drip. Pilot lights can flicker out. Pressure can drop. Thermostats can fail. When boilers go bad, prompt repair is essential to prevent damage to your heating system and home. Our technicians have decades of experience diagnosing and correcting these common causes of boiler failure. When your boiler develops problems, we will quickly assess the cause of the failure and the most effective repair.

Contact Sig Cox at 706-722-5304 for more about our boiler repair services in Augusta, GA. Our technicians are happy to answer your questions and schedule a service call to inspect your boiler.

Furnace Repair in Augusta, GA

Furnaces wear out over time. The average furnace has an operational life span of 10-15 years. As wear and tear builds up, parts begin to fail and problems can spread. Thermostat malfunctions, problems with pilot control and electrical ignitions, damaged heat exchangers, slipped belts, and worn-out ball bearings are common causes of furnace failure. When your furnace fails, our technicians will thoroughly examine the unit for the cause of the problem as well as any components that are failing. We will recommend the appropriate repairs and suggest maintenance strategies that can mitigate the risk of future failures.

Contact Sig Cox at 706-722-5304 for more about our furnace repair services in Augusta, GA. It’s our pleasure to help you keep your furnace operational for as long as possible. 

Heat Pump Repair in Augusta, GA

Heat pumps that experience a sudden loss of heat, don’t deliver enough heat, blow cold air, cycle sporadically, and make odd noises are heat pumps that need to be repaired. These problems can be related to a lack of refrigerant, faulty sensors and relays, fan problems, or damage to components. When your heat pump starts to falter, it’s best to have it repaired before it fails. Our technicians will inspect your heat pump and test each system to determine which parts need to be replaced in order to restore the unit to 100% functionality.

Contact Sig Cox at 706-722-5304 for more about our heat pump repair services in Augusta, GA. It’s our pleasure to help you turn up the heat so that you can stay warm and cozy throughout the winter. 

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Air Handler Repair in Augusta, GA

Dirty air filters, clogged evaporator coils, and failing blower motors are the most common causes of air handler problems. These problems are easily diagnosed by our experienced HVAC technicians. When your system is failing to circulate warm air throughout your home, we will diagnose the problem and take the appropriate corrective actions to restore warmth to your winter evenings. 

Contact Sig Cox at 706-722-5304 for more about our air handler repair services in Augusta, GA. We’re not just blowing hot air when we say our technicians have the skills and experience required to fix the most common and the most complex problems with your HVAC systems. 

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