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Sig Cox Heating & Air Conditioning has been proudly serving Aiken, SC for decades with high-quality and reliable HVAC services. We are available to service residential and commercial clients for all their heating and air conditioning needs. Our technicians are certified by the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) and are qualified to perform repairs and maintenance on all makes and models of equipment.

With a dedication to superior customer service, competitive rates, and a commitment to transparent and honest business practices, we have emerged as an industry leader in the Southeast. We want the opportunity to earn your business and bring you into the Sig Cox family.

Need heating or AC service in Aiken? Call us today at (706) 722-5304.

HVAC Repairs in Aiken

Is your system noisy? Inefficient? Did it stop working entirely? When you need heating or cooling repair in Aiken, choose the HVAC contractors you can trust at Sig Cox.

Whether your air conditioner has stopped working or your heating system is making unusual noises, our technicians can diagnose and repair your system in no time.

Our technicians are trained and certified to operate on all kinds of furnaces and AC systems.

To schedule heating or AC repair, call us today at (706) 722-5304 or contact us online.

HVAC Replacement & Installation

If your air conditioner or furnace is over 10 years old or is in need of frequent repairs, or if your energy bills are higher than you’d like, you need a complete system replacement.

With a new system, you can enjoy stress-free summers and cozy winters, all while saving money every month! Heating and air technology has come a long way in the last 10 years, and we want you to be able to take advantage of today’s modern and efficient units.

Our technicians will visit your home and find the perfect match for you. We’ll get you a system that is the right size, fits your budget, and gives you the most comfort for your dollar. We’ll even set you up with a top-of-the-line smart thermostat to save you even more on your energy bills!

We’ve also partnered with Lennox Premier Dealers. The independent, specially trained technicians of Lennox have awarded us the Premier status because we submit to an honest customer review program. Using community feedback, we are continuously improving our services!

To see how much you can save by installing an energy-efficient HVAC system, use the savings calculator below!

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Air Conditioning Services

Some of the most common problems leading to air conditioning repair include:

  • Electric connections corrosion – Your Aiken heating and cooling repair professional will check electrical connections and contacts during a service visit.
  • Inadequate maintenance – Lack of maintenance can lead to dirty AC coils and filters, broken fans, and failed compressors on relatively “young” AC units.
  • Leaks/drips – If you see dripping or pooling liquid under your unit, you could have a clogged condensate drain.
  • Noises – Your AC system has a lot of moving parts that need annual lubrication. If they have problems, they make noise.
  • Refrigerant leaks – Adding refrigerant is not a DIY job, and it often isn’t the repair you need.
  • Thermostat sensor – If it has a problem or needs an adjustment, the thermostat sensor can cause the unit to run too long or cycle too often.
  • Uneven cooling – If some rooms are too warm or cold, you might have ductwork leaks/clogged vents.

Never let money stop you from getting the clean air your Aiken County home deserves. In addition to financing options, Sig Cox Heating & Air Conditioning has an AC purchase rebate. Call 706-770-6366 or contact us to learn more.

Heating Services

Some of the most common problems that require furnace repair include:

  • Ducts/vents – Dirty air ducts/vents make your furnace work harder than it should. Your energy bills will be higher, too.
  • Electrical connections – Corrosion in older furnaces can cause electrical problems. We check breakers, electrical connections, and switches.
  • Filters – Dirty/clogged air filters cause a majority of HVAC problems.
  • Pilot light – If your gas furnace’s pilot light isn’t burning blue, contact your local furnace repair professional as soon as possible.
  • Thermostat – If you have a thermostat problem, now is a good time to explore smart thermostat options!

Heating & Cooling Maintenance in Aiken

While some HVAC maintenance can be done yourself, we offer affordable and easy solutions by providing technicians to safely and efficiently maintain your equipment.

For those who want to rest assured that their systems are in great shape without a second thought, we offer comprehensive HVAC maintenance plans. Rather than having to remember to schedule your maintenance each season, let the pros take care of it for you.

To learn how you can save on HVAC services through our maintenance plans, contact us today!

Duct Cleaning

All duct systems collect dust and other pollutants. These buildups will not only lower the efficiency of your HVAC unit but also will irritate allergies. Our specialists can inspect and provide deep cleanings of the inside of your ductwork to clear out dust, mold, pollen, vermin, and other pollutants.

Keep your home happy and healthy with regular duct inspection and cleaning from Sig Cox! Contact us today to schedule duct cleaning in Aiken.

Emergency Commercial & Rooftop Unit Services

Does your business have a rooftop HVAC unit? That’s not a problem for our technicians! We’ve rigorously trained on repairing any unit model, including on hard to reach rooftops. No job or equipment is too complicated or too out of reach for our experts.

If your business’s HVAC unit fails, we can be out there ASAP to get it working again in no time! We offer around the clock services and consulting for your commercial heating and air needs.

With over 90 years of experience, we offer the complete package of commercial HVAC services at competitive prices. We make it our mission to ensure your comfort. Whether enduring South Carolina’s blistering summer heat or the chilling winters, we want you to have the peace of mind you deserve. You’re entitled to your comfort and high air quality.

Let Sig Cox help you achieve maximum comfort and savings today. Contact us to get started!

Why Choose Sig Cox for HVAC Service in Aiken?

Our customers rely on us to provide honest and high-quality heating and air services. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured by NATE, the nation’s largest non-profit HVAC certification board. If you’re not completely satisfied, don’t hesitate to give us a call immediately. We’ll do whatever it takes to remedy the situation and guarantee the best of service.

We keep ourselves and our staff trained on all HVAC technology, partnering with the nation’s leading manufacturers to provide our customers with the best, most consumer-friendly products available.

We invest in the training and professional development of our team members to maintain the most qualified and well-rounded staff possible. We aim to be Georgia and South Carolina’s number one provider for all things heating and air, and we have the motivated staff to accomplish that goal.

We place a lot of value on kindness and professionalism among our team members. We believe in respecting your space, time, and property. Our technicians arrive on time, wearing a clean uniform, and ready to serve you with the utmost professionalism.

To schedule HVAC service in Aiken with our trained technicians, contact us online or call us at (706) 722-5304.

Here for You Today and Tomorrow

One way to judge a local HVAC company is by how long it’s served your community. Sig Cox Heating & Air Conditioning is one of the oldest HVAC companies in Aiken County. We’re trusted because our friends and neighbors (like you) know we’ll be here when they need us.

We were here for your grandparents and your parents, and we’ll be here for your kids, too.

Another trait of superior HVAC companies is employee retention. Twelve of our technicians have been with our company for more than 20 years. Our professionals take pride in their Sig Cox careers.

We service all brands, makes, and models of heating and cooling systems, but we’re the Lennox Premier Dealer for Aiken and Southwest South Carolina.  Sig Cox Heating & Air Conditioning will deliver the heating and cooling quality service you deserve. Call 706-770-6366 or contact us today.

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