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Sig Cox Augusta Air Conditioning is a residential and commercial air conditioning and heating company that’s been serving the greater Augusta, Georgia area for nearly 90 years! Our company specializes in HVAC service and sales and is managed by a team of HVAC and mechanical engineering experts.

We’ve built our reputation for honesty, quality, and dependability by committing ourselves to excellence in every aspect of the business; from installation and service to customer relationships. Whether it’s new construction, major remodeling, furnace repair or air conditioning repair, Sig Cox Heating and Air Augusta GA has the products and skills to tackle any job quickly and professionally. We provide services to all of the CSRA, including North Augusta AC Repair. We provide service for both commercial and residential customers. Sig Cox Augusta Heating and Air Conditioning is committed to keeping our customers cool in the summer, and cozy in the winter.

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Augusta Air Conditioning F.A.Q.

A: Always ensure that there are no restricted air flows within your HVAC System. Three common culprits of air flow restriction are dirt, dust, and debris. It is important for both outdoor and indoor units that all filters are cleaned regularly. In addition to that, the coils and heat exchangers must remain clean and clear of any blockages or restrictions. It is recommended that you have your system serviced by a professional two times every year, ideally during spring and autumn seasons.

A: If your system utilizes disposable filters, it is best to replace those filters each month. Washable filters also require cleaning each month. These monthly maintenance checks will ensure that your system continues to operate at maximum efficiency. Experts can also inspect and clean your system twice each year. Part of this service includes servicing the filtering system. These routine maintenance checks will keep your HVAC system operating properly unless there are special circumstances. 

A: Filter replacement done on a regular basis will prevent the buildup of dirt and debris, which will help your HVAC System operate at the highest level. This will also improve the quality of the air being circulated through your home. Regular filter replacement will also keep your house free of germs, allergens, and dust.

A: Maintenance of your air conditioning system should be done at least twice a year. During the beginning of spring and about 6 months later. This will ensure that your heating and air conditioning system is prepared to operate efficiently during the summer months. This will also allow you time to tend to any potential issues with your system.

A: Always check that your system is turned on correctly, the thermostat is set properly, and that the disconnects and breakers are on. You have to check to ensure that your furnace or air conditioner is turned on. Check to see if the disconnects and breakers are turned on, and see to it that the thermostat has been set properly. Always be mindful of any strange smells or noises.

A: In the event that your HVAC system starts making odd noises, isn’t properly heating or cooling your house sufficiently, or if you begin to notice changes in your utility bill it is always best to call a professional technician. Any delay may exacerbate the underlying problem.

Customer Reviews

"It was a pleasure doing business with your staff. They were professional and provided the solution to our problem."


Michael A. Missey
"You have a delightful phone personality. Keep up the great work!"


Sandra Jacobs
"From the first time that Mr. Boarwright came out, I knew that your company was top of the line. None [of the other companies] laid it out on paper like Sig Cox."


Steven Burris
"On March 18 routing service maintenance showed a burned out electronic air cleaner. By 4pm on March 19 a new unit was installed and functioning."


Margaret Brubaker
"I am very pleased with the air conditioner and furnace job your company recently compltered for me and my wife."


Jerry Wren
"Thank you and your crew for your profession assistance in solving our unique heating and cooling situation that involved two seperate zones."


PJ Rodgers

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